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LINCOLN — A bill allowing Nebraskans to carry concealed handguns without training or a state permit moved forward Tuesday despite concerns that it would reduce the ability to ban dangerous weapons from public places and would endanger schoolchildren. Legislative Bill 77, a so-called “constitutional carry” bill, advanced from second-round debate on a 31-10 vote during […]

The post ‘Permitless’ concealed carry of handguns in Nebraska advances to final-round debate appeared first on Nebraska Examiner.

WASHINGTON — Election officials on Tuesday detailed to the U.S. Senate Rules Committee how their states countered threats to election workers and worked to combat misinformation and disinformation during the 2022 midterm election. With the 2024 presidential election closely approaching, Senate Rules Committee Chair Sen. Amy Klobuchar said she was concerned about threats to election […]

The post State election officials at U.S. Senate hearing discuss threats to workers, call for funding appeared first on Nebraska Examiner.

CHICAGO — Nelson Algren will not go away. Although he moved from Chicago in 1975 and died in 1981, he has managed to remain a frequent visitor, in the form of his famous novels, of course, but also in other ways that have given him a strange form of immortality. Before telling you of the latest Algren appearance, which is a fine book titled “The Short Writings of Nelson Algren: A Study of the ...

FICTION: Three siblings make their way in the world after their mother's hospitalization. "Commitment" by Mona Simpson; Alfred A. Knopf (384 pages, $29) ——— In the broader culture of the American family, every family is its own subculture, and the one mapped in Mona Simpson's novel "Commitment" manages to be both a model of the intricate network of familiar coordinates — love, money, art, work ...

NONFICTION: An enlightening look at American political scandals in the 1920s, which continue to shape how politics is played to this day. "Crooked" by Nathan Masters; Hachette Books (384 pages, $30) ——— Despite our compulsion for appending "-gate" onto every governmental misstep, Watergate was not our first scandal and Richard Nixon was not the first politician to abuse his office. As Nathan ...

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