Details for Central Sterile Technician Central Sterile Full Time Evening Shift Mission


Central Sterile Technician Central Sterile Full Time Evening Shift Mission To inspire health and healing by putting patients first - ALWAYS. Position Summary The Central Sterile Processing (CS) Technician is responsible for following infection control standards and manufacturer recommendations for cleaning, preparing, processing (inspection, assembling, and packaging), sterilizing, and storing medical/surgical supplies, equipment, implants and instruments required by medical, surgical, and nursing personnel for the care and treatment of patients. Minimum Qualifications Education High School Diploma or Equivalent. Credentials Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) within 2 years of Date of Hire preferred. Physical Demands Sit occasionally. Stand and/or walk constantly. Push 10 pounds frequently. Pull 40 pounds frequently. Lift and/or carry 30 pounds 25 feet frequently. Possess visual acuity, hearing, and color discrimination within normal limits. Bend, stoop, squat frequently. Reach waist to overhead occasionally and at waist height constantly. Possess fine motor coordination within normal limits. Essential Functions Knowledgeable of the flow process of central sterile processing. Performs functions and duties associated with the care, handling and sterilization of surgical instruments, implants, equipment and flexible endoscopes. Disassembles, cleans and disinfects all instruments and equipment and supplies returned to the decontamination room for reprocessing. Competently operates, maintains, cleans and loads washer/decontamination, ultrasonic machine, steam, SFPP, and Sterrad sterilizers, Cart Washer, and any other patient care equipment. Works respectfully, cooperatively and professionally with team members as evidenced by positive interpersonal relationships, self-development, team effectiveness, and compliance with departmental and organizational policy. Good Communication Skills, Effective Interpersonal Relationships. Demonstrates working knowledge of the instrument tracking system. Understands proper functioning and testing of departmental autoclaves, understanding processes to follow when not working properly, notification to department manager, submission of work order, out of order sign posting. Performs daily rounds, obtains soiled equipment, contaminated instruments, case carts, from patient care departments transporting them to CS for reprocessing. Delivers clean equipment, isolation, crash carts, sterile instruments, etc. to the patient care areas as requested in a timely manner. Maintains a no bug zone when at the counting and packing table to reduce errors. Maintains high attention to detail in all areas of central sterile processing from decontamination, washing, counting, packing, sterilization to placing on the shelf for use.



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