Details for ER Tech II Emergency Department Full Time 12 hour shift


ER Tech II Emergency Department Full Time 12 hour shift Mission To inspire health and healing by putting patients first - ALWAYS. Position Summary The ER Tech II is responsible for providing emergency room technical support for physicians and nurses to optimize patient care. ERT received direction and assignments from RNs and MDs. Performing a wide variety of patient support services. These services include but are not limited to, maintaining a clean and safe environment for the patients, providing food and nutritional service for patients and providing selected patient care services. The ER Tech will work under the supervision of the registered nurse in collaboration with Environmental Services, Nutrition Services, and Engineering. Minimum Qualifications Education High School Diploma or Equivalent Credentials current EMT license Required certification: BLS, PEARS Completion of CPI training. Physical Demands Stand and/or walk frequently. Sit frequently. Lift 50 pounds frequently. Carry 20 pounds frequently. Push and/or pull 40 pounds or more frequently. Step up one to two steps occasionally. Bend and stoop occasionally. Reach floor to overhead constantly. Visual acuity and color vision within normal limits. Manual dexterity and eye hand coordination within normal limits. Essential Functions Works with all the members of the unit in a team approach in the delivery of patient care. Takes a systems approach to problem solving and process improvement, with an emphasis on patient safety. Awareness of patients' needs prioritizes needs of the patients and works to fulfill those needs, report's findings to the RN/ Physicians/Providers. Maintains awareness of change in patient census, prioritizes workload so that the most important tasks are completed first. Ability to follow written and/or verbal instructions required, acts as a liaison between primary care providers and emergency providers. Request and collect necessary supplies and equipment; transports to assigned areas. Orients patients to treatment rooms, call light, informing patient of plan of care, duration and time that they will be back. Properly cleans equipment and rooms in between patients. Assist Emergency providers and nurses with procedures including application of orthopedic splints, assist in simple laceration procedures. Performs direct patient care as assigned by an RN, including vital signs, assistance in triage, performs EKG's, point of care testing, wound care, obtains lab specimens and performs duties under licensures. Demonstrates proper use of software application, including proper use of Pyxis removal, wasting and discrepancies to carry out duties.



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