Details for Unit Secretary Medical-Surgical Regular Part Time => 20hrs Evening Shift

Unit Secretary Medical-Surgical Regular Part Time => 20hrs Evening Shift Mission To inspire health and healing by putting patients first - ALWAYS. Position Summary This position is responsible for a variety of administrative support functions and customer service for an assigned patient care area which promote an organized, efficient delivery of care to patients. The position facilitates communication between physicians, nurses and physicians, calls in Consults and acts as a liaison with all other internal departments and external contacts. Minimum Qualifications Education This position requires a high school graduate or equivalent. An undergraduate or associate degree in a health related field or business administration is preferred. Credentials State Required: None GPRMC Required/Preferred: none Physical Demands 1.Sit constantly. 2.Stand and/or walk occasionally. 3.Bend, stoop and crouch occasionally. 4.Reach waist to overhead occasionally. 5.Ability to hear, speck and see within normal limits. 6.Manual dexterity within normal limits. 7.Lift 5 pounds frequently. 8.Carry 5 to 25 pounds frequently. 9.No pushing and/or pulling. 10.Computer use constantly. Essential Functions 1.Performs receptionist/clerical duties to support overall operating efficiency and effective flow of communication and information throughout the department. Participates in the resolution of customer problems or collects necessary data and follows through to appropriate person for problem resolution. 2.Processes patient admissions, records bed assignments in system, makes face sheets and prints patient labels upon admission. Orders outside records from other facilities and Physician's offices. 3.Maintains a complete patient record with admission, transfer, and discharge information, progress notes, and consent forms. Ensures that all reports and chart forms are scanned or filed into the patient's record. Ensures that charting forms are labeled and accessible if they are needed. Maintains adequate supplies of frequently used, patient education materials. May be responsible for QC/validations. 4.Enters pending discharges into the system. Coordinates patient appointments for procedures and treatments that may be required prior to timely discharge. Processes patient discharges. 5.Maintains adequate levels of office, dietary, and medical supplies and completes requisition forms when supplies need to be ordered. Reconciles supply order upon delivery. 6.Monitors and tracks the use and whereabouts of electronic equipment such as patient ID scanners and lap top computers. Ensures that all are accounted for and in working order. 7.Performs all functions according to established policies, procedures, regulatory and accreditation requirements, as well as applicable professional standards. Provides all customers of Great Plains Health with an excellent service experience by consistently demonstrating our core and leader behaviors each and every day.



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