Thanks for charitable hearts and charitable acts.
These funds represent lasting legacies of charitable people.

Agency and designated funds provide support for specific
nonprofit organizations and projects
Margene Beatty ESU 16 Innovation in Education Endowment
Everett and Leota Bebee Fund
Keith Blackledge Downtown Landscaping Fund
Brady School Foundation Fund
Brady School Foundation Community-School Fund
Linda Broge Fund for North Platte Library
Linda Buettner Gift of Hope Fund
Buffalo Bill Ranch State Park & Recreation Area Fund
Cody Park Fund
Community-Build Playground Fund
Creativity Unlimited Arts Council Cultural Endowment
Deborah’s Legacy Fund
Arthur Dismukes Funds
Wesley and Lillian Eberhart Fund
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Endowment Fund
Faith Fisher Fund
Friends of the Library Legacy Fund
Friends of West Central Dental Clinic Fund
Gift of Hope Cancer Foundation Fund
Golden Spike Tower & Visitor Center Endowment
Goodfellow Shoe Fund/Crawford Memorial
Goodfellow Shoe Fund of North Platte Endowment
GPHCF Annual Fund
GPHCF Callahan Fund
GPHCF Hospice Fund
GPHCF Smith Fund
Habitat for Humanity Supporters Fund
Hershey Public School Educational Foundation Fund
Ray T. and Helen Hanson Charitable Fund
Keep North Platte & Lincoln County Beautiful Fund
Lake Maloney Trail Fund
Lincoln County Agricultural Society Fairground Building Fund
Lincoln County Historical Society Fund
Richard Lingbloom Memorial Fund
Cleda Dowhower McCammon Fund
Momma Budda Adult Education Fund
Nebraska Fallen Heroes Memorial Fund
Nebraska High School Rodeo Assn. Endowment Fund
Nebraskaland Days Foundation Endowment
North Platte Animal Shelter Fund
North Platte Area Children’s Museum Fund
North Platte Area RSVP Fund
NPCCF Automotive Fund
NPCCF Building Construction Fund
North Platte Community Playhouse Fund
North Platte Genealogical Society Fund
North Platte High School 1930 Building Artifact Fund
North Platte Park Recreation & Wellness Foundation Fund
North Platte Public Library Foundation Fund
North Platte Public Schools Foundation Partnership Fund
North Platte Recreation Center Fund
North Platte Skate Park Fund
North Platte Splash Pad Fund
North Platte Trails Network Fund
Paws-itive Partners Endowment Fund
Paxton Consolidated Schools Foundation Fund
Paxton New Life Lutheran Church Fund
Peoples Family Health Services Endowment Fund
Lloyd A. & Edna B. Peterson Charitable Fund
Platte Valley Christian Academy Endowment Fund
Platte Valley Christian Academy Special Fund
Prairie Arts Center /CUAC Building Fund
William Ramaekers North Platte Catholic School Fund
Chris and Dorothy Rosenberg Charitable Fund
Sandhills Symphony Fund
Aaron L. and Murray G. Schad Memorial Fund
Stapleton Public School Foundation Fund
Sutherland Anchor Memorial Park Fund
Sutherland Public Schools Foundation Special Fund
Bonnie L. Thanel Eagle Scout Fund
Thrift Center Fund
Twentieth Century Veterans Memorial Fund
Veterans Memorial Flag Fund

Betterment grant funds meet changing needs
Book of Memory Grant Endowment Fund
Lemoyne Dailey Fund
Dr. Robert Dellinger Memorial Fund
Dye Family Foundation Fund
Ethel Elander Fund
Founders and Directors Fund
Edward Gentleman Fund
Tom and Kay Hanson Griffith Charitable Fund
Hansen 77 Ranch Family Fund
Hanson Family Fund
Herb and Bunny Hoover Charitable Fund
Ken and Aletha Huebner Charitable Fund
Keda Fund
J. Patrick and Kathleen Keenan Fund
Peter Kiewit Foundation Challenge Fund
Peter Kiewit Foundation GIFT Fund
North Platte Telephone Pioneers Fund
Lloyd A. & Edna B. Peterson Unrestricted Fund
Cal Robinson Community Chest
Maude Rodgers Fund
James C. and Rhonda Seacrest Unrestricted Fund
Fred Shrake Fund
Fred and Racheal Shrake Fund
Unrestricted Grant Fund
Community funds benefit specific communities
Brady Endowment Fund
Maxwell Endowment Fund
Maywood Endowment Fund
North Platte Endowment Fund
Stapleton Endowment Fund
Sutherland Endowment Fund
Deferred gift funds provide future charitable gifts
Marie Kathryn Mehl DePew Memorial Fund
Donor-advised funds provide for donor involvement
100 Women Who Care North Platte Fund
Ethan Bazata Fund
James and Linnaea Budke Fund
Roy V. Bystrom Donor Advised Endowment Fund
James Chapman Fund for Veteran Support
Alan Erickson Family Charitable Fund
Furmanski Charitable Fund
Hannah Huckfeldt Fund
Hideo and Helen Kamino Charitable Fund
Orville, Mary and Marc Kaschke Charitable Fund
Orville, Mary and Tami Kaschke Charitable Fund
John Daniel Keenan Charitable Fund
J. Patrick and Kathleen Keenan Donor-Advised Fund
Kolkman Family Charitable Fund
Dean and Cheryl Kurth Charitable Fund
Dr. Newton and Nancy Mack Fund
Burton and Betty McPheeters Charitable Fund
Scott and Patricia McPheeters Charitable Fund
North Platte Rotary Club Fund
Dr. Sam & Lynda Perry Charitable Fund
Poppe Family Donor-Advised Fund
Providence Fund
George T. & Marjorie M. Robertson Family Fund
Rotary District 5630 Charitable Fund
James C. & Rhonda Seacrest Donor Advised Fund
Tim and Mary Thompson Charitable Fund
Richard and Ann Wells Donor Advised Fund
Delane and Dorothy Wycoff Charitable Fund
Area-of-interest funds provide for grants
within donor-specified areas of interest
John Russell Applegate Fund for Teachers
Arts and Culture Fund
Guy and Irena Baker Endowment Fund
Dr. Kim and Nancy Baxter Family Fund
Bob & Susan Childers Nebraska Sandhills Funds
Sam Deidrichs Tree City USA Fund
Education and Literacy Fund
Alan Erickson Fund for Technical & Vocational Education
First National Bank Fund
Fund for Women

Serving charitable people and worthy causes since 1978
Each charitable and scholarship fund has its own charitable purpose
and specifications, typically established by initial donors.

Health Fund
Hlavaty Health Care Fund
Human Services Fund
James and Betty Keenan Fund
North Platte Area Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund
Lila Sadi Fund
Dr. Gordon Sawyers Memorial Fund
Seacrest Newspaper Legacy Fund
Bob and Candy Spady Fund
Wells Fargo Community Assistance Fund
Operations funds provide for administration
Administrative Fund
Operations Fund Endowment
Katherine Schwaiger Fund
Scholarship funds help students attend college
John & Jerry Wing Alexander Communications Scholarship
American Legion Post 163 Scholarship Fund
Anderson-Keeten-Wellman Scholarship Endowment
Ruth E. Bliss Scholarship Fund
Byron & Olinda (Odean) Boslau Family Scholarship Fund
Dean & Beverly Brittenham Scholarship Fund
Cattlewomen Beef Legacy Scholarship Fund
Marie Chapman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Class of 1958 NPHS Scholarship Fund
Class of 1964 NPHS Scholarship Fund
Class of 1971 NPHS Scholarship Fund
Joe and Dorothy Conger Family Scholarship Fund
Joe and Dorothy Conger “Handy-One” Scholarship Fund
Joe and Dorothy Conger Single Mom Scholarship Fund
Ralph B. and Lela L. Dailey Scholarship Fund
Marie A. Dent Scholarship Fund
Deutschman-Hill-Yanney Scholarship Fund
Arthur and Beverly Dismukes Nursing Scholarship Fund
Arthur Dismukes 1st Responder Widow/Orphan Scholarship
Beverly Claus Dismukes Music Scholarship Fund
Riley Dolan EMT and Firefighting Scholarship Fund
Donald L. Dutcher Scholarship Fund
Eagles Club-Bob Spady Scholarship Fund
Donald L. Erb Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marvin and Cindy Fisher Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lloyd & Delores Gengenbach Family Scholarship Fund
Dr. Robert F. Getty Scholarship Fund
Joe D. Giles Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bill Goedert Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ray and Margaret Carothers Griffith Scholarship Fund
Tom and Kay Hanson Griffith Scholarship Fund
Tom and Kay Griffith Alliance H.S. Scholarship Fund
Hall-Young-Viterna Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert Harvey Scholarship Fund
York and Helen Hinman Scholarship Fund
Herb and Bunny Hoover Scholarship Fund
John and Mary Hunter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Chris and Julie Johng Scholarship Fund
Darrell L. Johnson Brady Schools Scholarship Fund
Caryl E. Jones Scholarship Fund
Kahabi Scholarship Fund
Rose Klemm Scholarship Fund
Langford Scholarship Fund
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Alliance
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Arthur County
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Chase County
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Eustis/Farnam
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Hayes Center
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Hershey
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Hitchcock County
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Maxwell
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Maywood
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-McPherson County
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-North Platte
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Stapleton
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Sutherland
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Wallace
Leu Foundation Scholarship Fund-Wauneta/Palisade
Lincoln County Farm Bureau/Kent Boyer Memorial Scholarship
H.D. Lute Endowed Scholarship Fund

121 N Dewey St–Suite 112 - PO Box 1321 - North Platte NE
308-534-3315 -

John L. Martinez Memorial Scholarship Fund
Maxwell Public School Scholarship Foundation Fund
McPherson Co. High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Wallace and Elvira McWilliams Scholarship Fund
Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Miss Nebraska Scholarship Foundation Fund
Miss Nebraska Scholarship Fund
Miss Nebraska Scholarship in Memory of Bobby Foehlinger
Miss Rodeo Nebraska Association Scholarship Fund
Rusty Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund
Connie Murdock Memorial Scholarship Fund
Nebraska Line Workers Scholarship Fund
Nebraskaland Days Rodeo Royalty Scholarship Fund
Nebraskaland Family & Consumer Science Scholarship Fund
Ken and Connie Niedan Scholarship Fund
Shelly Nordbrock Memorial Kappa Kappa Gamma Scholarship
Shelly Nordbrock Memorial Scholarship Fund
North Platte Booster Club Scholarship Fund
North Platte Evening Business & Professional Women
/Reita McEvoy Memorial Scholarship Fund
North Platte Hostesses Scholarship Fund
North Platte Jaycees Scholarship Fund
North Platte Kiwanis Nebraska College Scholarship
North Platte Kiwanis N.P. Community College Scholarship
North Platte Optimists/Loveland & Bodeen Memorial Scholarship
NPCCF Baker-Yates Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Troy Bouzek Memorial Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Winnie Dolph Memorial Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Oliver, Mildred, Marguerite, Mary & Albert
Durbin Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Electronics Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Anna G. Glaze Nursing Scholarship Fund
NPCCF John & Mary Hunter Academic Scholarship Fund
NPCCF John & Mary Hunter Technical Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Israelson Nursing Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Keenan Family Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Helen Keslar Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Nebraska Public Power District Scholarship Fund
NPCCF William O. Reitan Memorial Fund
NPCCF Walter and Alice Rockwell Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Seacrest Newspaper Legacy Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Frank Speck Memorial Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Sorenson Academic Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Sorenson Technical Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Technical Faculty Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Trew-Shoemaker Scholarship Fund
NPCCF Dorothy Yont Scholarship Fund
Paulman Scholarship Fund
Ina and Grace Perkin Memorial Scholarship Fund
John and Diane Poehling Educational Endowment
Virginia Neville Robertson Scholarship Fund
Grandma Karen Sandberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Teresa Scanlan Scholarship Fund by George & Carol Garlick
Shackley Education Fund
Neal R. Sones Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brian A. Sorenson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Stapleton Public Schools Foundation Scholarship Fund
Keith and Darlene Stewart Scholarship Fund
Sutherland Alumni, Business & Community Scholarship
Sutherland Booster Club Scholarship Fund
Sutherland New Hope Village Scholarship Fund
TeamMates Scholarship Fund
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Scholarship Fund
Brad Troyer Memorial Scholarship Fund
VFW Memorial Highway 83 Scholarship Fund
Jamelyn (Jamey) Viterna Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mark P. Wagner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Fred and Emma Wanek Fund
Douglas Watson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ann S. Wells Scholarship Fund
Walter E. and Arlene S. White Scholarship Fund
Paul and Carlene Wightman Family Scholarship Fund
Lynn Cohagen Wilkinson Scholarship Fund
Roijeanne Wolfe Scholarship Fund
Women of Today Scholarship Fund

Lasting Legacies ~ Ongoing Impact

PO BOX 1321, NORTH PLATTE, NE 691031321


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