Master Gardener tips for the Panhandle – Week of July 13

Rose: It’s all about shrubs this week, so we begin with the glorious Knockout Rose. This hardy shrub is resistant to black spot and powdery mildew, grows up to 4 feet tall and wide, and comes in many color options such as yellow, red, pink, coral and white. Its single and double flowers bloom throughout summer. Plant in full sun. It can be pruned back to the ground in April, but not every year.

Chokecherry: Do you like to make jelly? Then consider planting the second shrub of the week – Chokecherry. It grows up to 20 feet tall and flowers in May with bunches of white flowers. Its red berries turn deep purple and then black later in the fall. Harvest the berries when they are deep purple if using them for jelly. Plant in full sun to part shade. If fruit is not wanted, prune immediately after blooming.

Ninebark: Ninebark, the third shrub of the week, grows 5 to 10 feet tall. Dwarf versions grow 4 to 6 feet tall. It blooms in May and June with white to pinkish flowers, with showy pink seed heads remaining. Leaf color differs with variety. Plant in full sun to part shade and prune in late winter or early spring. As it ages, its interesting feature of exfoliating bark appears.

Annabelle Hydrangea: Want to add some “wow” to your garden? Try the fourth shrub of the week, Annabelle Hydrangeas. They grow 3 to 5 feet tall and bloom with large white “balls” of flowers from June to September. The buds start green and turn to white, and the large leaves are bright green. This beauty prefers part shade and can be pruned to the ground in early spring or late fall.

Gold Mound Spirea: The fifth shrub of the week requires minimal care and works great in “bad” locations. Gold Mound Spirea grows in hot, dry spots on the west and south sides of your home – a good choice for Zones 4 to 8. It blooms in the summer and grows up to 3 to 4 feet tall and wide. Prune back to the ground in early spring to keep it cleaned up and a nice size.

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