Two Mid-Plains Community College faculty members have been recognized by the Mountain-Plains Business Education Association for outstanding contributions to business education.

McCook Community College instructor Lorrie Mowry has been named the 2020 winner of the M-PBEA Teacher of the Year and MPCC Division Chair Jean Condon was named Administrator/Supervisor of the Year. The Mountain Plains Business Education Association is the regional division of the National Business Education Association, and consists of 13 states.

Over the past 17 years, Lorrie Mowry has taught 21 different courses at McCook Community College in the areas of business, office technology, sociology and leadership. According to a release from the M-PBEA, Mowry’s goal is to create a positive, interactive environment for students which provides them with applicable learning opportunities for individual growth and professional development. She seeks to create an active and engaging learning environment in each of her classes including capstone projects pairing students with working professionals to gain hands-on personal learning experience.

“Mrs. Mowry is a very intelligent, passionate teacher. She comes to every class, every day with the same enthusiasm as the first day ... everything she does is done with excellence,” one student said.

Colleagues speak of the excitement and energy she brings to go above-and-beyond to promote business programs. She is described as a “forward thinker and always comes up with creative ways to implement these changes through classes or student organizations.”

She was awarded the Gene Budig Outstanding Faculty Award, the top annual award on campus for excellence in the classroom. That dedication extends to her department, the college and her community through her extensive committee work and development of critical programs. She contributes to business education through her service to the Nebraska State Business Education Association, submitting articles to M-PBEA’s “Notes & Quotes,” and presenting at state, regional and national conferences.

Jean Condon’s responsibilities include preparing business, business office technology, graphic design and information technology program reviews for the Higher Learning Commission and Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education. She is also a member of the instructional leadership team, responsible for coordinating and implementing college policy and procedures as related to instructional services.

According to the M-PBEA nomination letter, Condon, who is in her 15th year teaching at MPCC, has a passion to provide all students with a career path they enjoy, give them careers skills that make them great employees and an opportunity to make their community a better place for all people.

“I have met few people in the educational circle that are natural leaders and driven to make a difference,” said Sally Thalken, retiring division chair for math and science, who has been involved in education for 45 years. “Jean has the personality, the intelligence and the natural leadership needed to lead faculty and staff to create a wonderful learning environment.”

Condon is the current president of M-PBEA, and has also been involved with the National Business Education Association, Delta Pi Epsilon, Nebraska State Business Education Association, Association of Career and Technical Education, Phi Beta Lambda, Nebraska Educational Technology Association, the Midwest Center for Information Technology and the National, Nebraska and MPCC Education Associations.

“I have never known anyone who can multi-task effectively like Jean can do,” said Jean Miller, division chair for humanities and social sciences. “She is always fair, responsible and above all professional in everything she does. I am in awe of all that she accomplishes every day.”

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