Steele: A little bit of this and a  whole lot of that

There is a little bit of this and that in this photo from Christmas last year.

Sometimes it becomes rather difficult to decide on a single topic for Trash & Treasures each week. So many times I end up combining a few topics together to make one article. I know it gets kind of overwhelming at times and I do apologize for that, but this week has been a rather busy one as I have one of the many booths that have gone into the new antique mall in town. By the time you read this, it will have been opened for one entire day — yes, it opened on Saturday at 413 N. Dewey St. It is called the CR Rustic, an antique mall on the bricks, and it is practically full with antique dealers renting booths from various parts of the state as well as locally. Naturally, I have a booth (No. 50) in this cute mall and we are all hoping that everyone will see it soon and be aware of the different and unique items being brought in all the time, as our inventory changes through the weeks and makes it even more fun for our patrons to keep track of the various merchandise. From just walking through several times this past week as other dealers were beginning to bring in their merchandise and set up their own booths, I could tell that there will be a great variety of items being sold locally.

The photo for my article this week is a favorite photo of mine from Christmas last year. It reminds me of an antique shop all in its own — with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. (Actually, this photo is how I decorated my little apartment last year for the Holidays!) Maybe I will have a few better photos of the actual shop for next week. I will set that as my goal and most of the booths should all be set up by then. It is an exciting time whenever a new antique shop opens in our town, and I think that it will be a very nice asset to our city. Most of us collect something — you may not even realize you are a collector — and most people collect certain items based on brand or a certain kind of items, Or maybe you collect a larger variation of many items so you are even on the lookout for several articles to add to your collections at all times. Others may be only looking for a certain item but in different variations of how it was made through the years or certain dates appeal to more people than others do. It is not just a single type of store — we are looking at chalk paint or maybe staining wood, they have that, too. Or maybe you are needing to just refinish your item with a good antique furniture oil or stain and bring it back to life with the “Feed n Wax” products from Howard Oil.

Sometimes all we need to do to spruce something up is give it a bit more color or stain. Or just plain oil it with no stain in mind. Or keep feeding it with oil and wax so the wood will not look dry and colorless. It is surprising what you may find in this variety store among the collectibles and/or antique items — along with various reconditioned items and total makeovers for a piece that can be brought back to life again. Their are so many natural products out there that you don’t even have to crack a window to get rid of the smell as they are completely odorless and will dry in a few moments. They will even give you classes on how to use their products and recommend to you what you will need to get the job done.

It is so great to hear pointers from the owners as they have worked with most of their own products and can tell you immediately how and what to use for certain jobs and or areas in your own home — and safely, as well. I am sure that if you are looking for a special item, they would be glad to help you find it — keeping a wish- or want-list on file is very helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if you don’t find that particular item in their shop, I bet they will try to find you something that you would really like to have in your own home.

I truly believe that seeing a variety of different types of wood and techniques can be a big help when trying to decorate your own home — especially if you are redoing just one room or redoing a whole house. The moment you walk in and see the products they are selling to help you redo your home as well, you will know what questions to ask and don’t be afraid to ask them.

One thing about this kind of shop is, you will probably not find too many of one thing — in other words, you will find specialty items as well as very unusual items you may not see very often. If you like pottery, I bet you will be able to find something you do not already have in your collection, or maybe you will find something to add to a collection of dinnerware or maybe a framed print that would compliment your family heirlooms. Sometimes it only takes a nail and a hammer to hang a new addition in your living room or any room of the house as far as that goes. Or maybe you will find a different color of something you already collect and now you can start hunting for more just like it. Don’t forget to ask them about a want-list or file. Leave your name and phone number with what you are looking for and many of the dealers in the shop will be glad to help you look for it.

I think I have already written about it, but the oak ladies roll top desk may be a piece I have not talked a lot about. It was found at a shop in Loveland, Colorado, many years ago. I have truly enjoyed this piece and is really a space saver in many ways. It is a smaller unit (thus the “ladies” desk) and you can pull the roll top down and cover a mess when you’re in a hurry. And the Queen Anne legs are a unique style as well as the carving and curvature of the top/back piece which can be removed. These are a rather hard item to find in this kind of condition — it is original condition — and I have only oiled it with my Howard’s Oil Products, no sanding and no refinishing.

Being in this kind of business does have its perks naturally, or it wouldn’t be any fun at all, of course. I sold my entire booth out at a shop in Loveland one weekend — someone was wanting to get a good inventory and variety of items and I even had showcases. When I came to close my booth out and take everything home, the people who owned the shop had another dealer who was starting up in Greeley, Colorado, and they needed showcases and merchandise. What an exciting time that was. I thought we would be packing items for the next two days and then hauling it all back to Nebraska. But, I sold it all to the new dealers and I treated myself to this Queen Anne ladies oak roll top desk. Needless to say, I was very excited and they were too. It was enough to get them started in a different antique mall and I was able to go out and buy different inventory wherever I wanted to. Win-win for both parties concerned.

Back to the opening of the new shop here in North Platte. It opened Saturday (as I am writing this article for Sunday’s Telegraph late this evening on Thursday) Please stroll through the new shop, tell them what you like about it and be sure to visit frequently as new/old different items are coming in and hopefully, going out, rather quickly also. And please do not forget to tell them what you are looking for as most of the dealers are always out buying or looking for different inventory all the time — they will add your wants to a list for all to be aware of what people are actually wanting. That is a plus all the way around.

Hope your weekend will be a good one — be sure to stop by when you can to see the latest new/old shop in town, and please say “Hi” to the new owners, Corey and Rob. I pray everyone will have a fun and safe week ahead. Take care and hope to see you soon. Stay safe, everyone.

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