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White House Dentistry acquires dental laser

White House Dentistry acquires dental laser

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Dr. Lindsey Zeboski of White House Comprehensive Dentistry, 115 East E St., has a new way to perform procedures with less pain and less invasive measures.

A Fotona LightWalker dental laser has been added to Zeboski’s lineup, and hers is the only practice in hundreds of miles to have this sort of technology.

“This is a really unique and neat technology and I’m really excited about it,” Zeboski said.

While she used something similar at her previous practice in Morrill, this instrument has more capabilities.

It can perform many of the traditional dental procedures, such as removing excess gum tissue or removing decay and preparing teeth, all without the use of a numbing agent.

“It works particularly well with children — that’s a big deal not to have to numb a little kid,” Zeboski said.

In addition to being able to remove decay, the LightWalker can be used to stimulate tissues in the mouth to promote healing and growth.

One procedure is used to help abate snoring and airway obstruction by stimulating collagen fibers in the soft palate. The procedure, called NightLase, requires three or four non-invasive sessions of about 30 to 40 minutes.

“Not only are patients sleeping better at night, they’re also getting more oxygen, so they feel better 24 hours a day,” Zeboski said. “And the spouses are ecstatic, because they’re like ‘Yes, my husband’s not snoring any more!’”

The LightWalker can also be used to reduce pain and inflammation in the body, such as for people experiencing severe jaw pain from grinding their teeth.

Additionally, those with periodontal disease and bone loss can benefit from the tool. It can be used to perform non-invasive periodontal surgery.

“This tool creates an environment where we can grow back the bone” without bone grafting, Zeboski said.

The LightWalker’s range of use has made it an everyday tool for the dental practice, even using it to promote healing after routine procedures like root canals.

“Now that I’m actually using it and implementing it, the results that we’re seeing are amazing,” Zeboski said. “The patients are excited.”

Zeboski found out about the tool through the American Academy of Clear Aligners, after other colleagues around the country had used it.

“After learning about everything it could do, I was like, ‘In order for me to provide the very best care for my parents, this is how I’m going to do it.’”

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