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The Lincoln County commissioners hope corrections to the South River Road reconstruction project will prevent them from singing “Who let the cows out” anytime soon.

The project that recently completed about a mile section of road between South Buffalo Bill and Homestead Road required that fencing be reinstalled along the new route. Property owner Char-Long-Mar runs cattle in the field south of the road. His lawyer, Brock Wurl, asked that part of the fence be rewired to prevent cattle from making their way through the fence.

“There’s a portion of it where the fencing wire is on the north side of the fence, whereas the field is on the south side of the fence,” Wurl said. “That creates a potential issue from our standpoint of cattle getting out and we don’t want any cattle to get out.”

He said wire on the field side of a fence is more likely to keep the cows inside the enclosure. With wire on the outside of the posts, cattle could more easily breach the fencing.

The contract “was not clear concerning which side of the fence the wire should be placed,” said Walker Stewart, owner of Stewart Construction, which did the reconstruction of the fence. However, he said he understood it could be a problem and said he would move the wire as requested.

“It should have been detailed in the bid request,” Stewart said. “I’ll fix it, because I take a lot of pride in my work.”

Commissioner Kent Weems thanked Stewart for his integrity. Stewart said he could correct the issue by mid-July.

The commissioners also approved an $853.50 change order for the reconstruction project to add fencing on the north side of the road.

The board approved two resolutions to transfer funds from the miscellaneous general budget to cover budget authority shortfalls. The first resolution was to move $19,000 to the retirement budget, and the second was to transfer $15,000 to the federal payroll budget.

In other business, the commissioners approved documents for the 2020-21 Community Based Juvenile Services Aid grant.

Jayna Schaaf, Community Connections executive director, said the commissioners had approved the grant a few months ago.

“What you’re seeing in front of you does look a little different than previous years,” Schaaf said. “They divided up the grants into two sub-awards.”

The grant sub-awards were for $70,183 and $48,315, which totaled $118,498. The money funds programs administered by Community Connections.

Also, North Platte dermatologist Dan Mosel spoke with the commissioners concerning road maintenance at Fairway Estates, south of Lake Maloney. No action was taken.

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