North Platte businessman opens Glass Doctor

Derek Vargas, left, and Chad Fosdick work on a chip in a windshield of a customer’s vehicle at Glass Doctor, 115 E. 12th St. Fosdick owns the new North Platte business.

The pandemic may have changed the timing, but Chad Fosdick, owner of Premier Furniture and Mr. Appliance, now has one more venture: Glass Doctor, which opened this week.

Certification for his partners and himself became difficult as the process started just before the shutdown in March. Fosdick said there were some hoops to jump through, but the company is taking customers at its shop at 115 E. 12th St.

“We signed our franchise agreement in November of 2019,” Fosdick said. “We were just going to go full steam ahead, and a couple of weeks before the country shut down, Derek (Vargas), our auto tech, and I traveled to Waco (Texas) for our final business training sessions that allowed us to complete the phase to get open.”

The final training sessions were to follow the business training, but that didn’t happen because of COVID-19.

“That is when Garett Luenenborg started with us,” Fosdick said. “We were supposed to be on an airplane to Charlotte, North Carolina, to do the official hands-on training of how the whole operation and process worked.”

Another challenge was getting the flat glass and windshield glass supplier accounts set up because those companies, Fosdick said, like to do on-site visits.

Fosdick said his original plan when he opened Premier in 2014 was to expand Premier, but that would have required travel and he did not want to do that.

“My management team looked at what could be done in North Platte and from there expanded to Mr. Appliance in 2015 and now the Glass Doctor,” Fosdick said. “Glass Doctor has the same parent company as Mr. Appliance — it’s called Neighborly, which has a number of home service brands.”

In 2018, Fosdick’s company acquired Rent-A-Center and folded it into Premier.

“The Aaron’s franchisee caught wind of that and contacted me, and in 2019 we acquired Aaron’s as well,” Fosdick said.

Glass Doctor does home and commercial window repair.

“We do heavy frameless glass shower enclosures as well,” Fosdick said. “We repair chips in windshields as well as complete windshields.”

The company offers the G12 Road Hazard Warranty.

“Most auto glass shops will warranty the moldings and the labor for 12 months, but not the windshield itself,” Fosdick said. “At no extra charge, we warranty the windshield itself from road hazard for the next 12 months.”

The company has a Facebook page, and the phone number where office manager Katie Fricke takes calls is 308-532-8505.

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