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Village board members will face recall election

Village board members will face recall election

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Lincoln County Clerk Becky Rossell verified that enough valid signatures were collected to schedule a recall election for two Sutherland village board members, Ray Ravenscroft and John Lutz.

On Thursday, Rossell said 224 signatures were accepted and 17 rejected of the 241 collected on the petition seeking Ravenscroft’s recall; On the Lutz petition, 227 were accepted and 15 rejected of the total of 242 turned in.

“They only needed 199, so they had more than enough,” Rossell said.

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The village board has responsibility for setting the election date; once that is done, they will need to certify it with Rossell.

“What I have done is mailed out notices to Lutz and Ravenscroft notifying them that the petition was successful,” Rossell said. “I also mailed a copy of the findings to the village board.”

Rossell asked the board to work with her so an election date can be set that will work for everybody involved in the process.

She said once Lutz and Ravenscroft receive their notices in the mail, the board must set the election between 30 and 75 days from that date.

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