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From the pulpit, April 10

From the pulpit, April 10

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Eggs and stones

One of my favorite Easter traditions was, and still is, a good Easter egg hunt. Except, I used to enjoy finding them, and now I find more pleasure in hiding the eggs. This year I preached a Easter homily/sermon and used a giant basket full of colored eggs. When I was finished, a young girl asked me where in the world could I hide so many eggs? "Good question," I exclaimed. "Maybe I will just hide the whole basket, but in one really good hiding place!"

The more I thought about hiding and seeking eggs, the more I reflected on my own hiding at times. How often, instead of dealing with the really hard stuff in life, I tend to just want to run and hide. However, the truth is, what I really need is to be found. Maybe I could start a new “adult” Easter egg hunt and inside the eggs we place the things we are running or hiding from; then we could pray and go out and find the eggs with Jesus, giving Him the joy of really finding us.

Finding eggs also reminded me of a story I heard once in confession by a wise old priest who has since passed. I told him I was tired of confessing the same things over and over again.

He told me that when he was a young boy growing up on a farm, his father used to make him go out and find rocks in the field. As he got older and more mature, he thought to himself, “Hey, there will never be a day I pick up all the stones in this field, why am I still trying?”

When asked the question, his father told him, “Life has a lot of rocks in it, and there is never a day when rocks aren’t found. But when we find them, there is one less and an opportunity to work on the next.” Silly kind of story, but I have always remembered it.

Jesus was buried in a tomb hewn out of a rock. A rock was placed in front of it, which was later rolled back on Easter morning when He rose from the dead, victorious over sin and death.. Now, we say all the time, “Jesus is my rock!”

What are the rocks that keep coming up in your life? In what ways do you need to turn to Jesus, the true rock and foundation of your faith, and let yourself be found? Eggs and rocks seem to be the ordinary things Jesus is using to teach us a lesson. Are you listening to those eggs and rocks in your life? Find these rocks, hunt for the eggs that needs to be found. Jesus is with you!

The Rev. Joshua Brown

St. Patrick Catholic Church

North Platte

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