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Hepburn: Finding peace in this upside-down world

Hepburn: Finding peace in this upside-down world

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This coronavirus has turned our world upside down and topsy-turvy, and it hasn’t landed yet. How we deal with it is a challenge; no one is exempt from this party.

Come with me as I take you on a virtual tour of my day and my surroundings.

It all started when nursing homes were given a directive from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “No visitation. All group activities and communal dining canceled.”

My world literally shrunk to a space of 10 feet by 16 feet. With no visitation and not being able to go eat in the dining room it meant I am in my room almost all day every day.

I should be depressed but I am not.

I thanked God for giving me a roof over my head and a safe place with people who meet my needs.

I knew if I didn’t make a plan, I would be stir-crazy. I decide to make the best of my tiny world.

People ask me why I have stayed so positive and I tell them it’s because I have a plan.

I divided my room into areas for different functions all day. I may only move 6 inches or merely turn my chair around, but to me it is a change of locations.

Before staff brings my breakfast to my room, I read my morning devotions, then I have breakfast in my “Breakfast Nook.”

When The Telegraph arrives, I read it in my “Reading Room.” Then it is time for exercises, and I go to my “Exercise Room.” Next comes group activity. Everyone sits in their doorway and we holler at each other and we wave and do movements together.

To keep my driving skills sharp, I get to drive down the halls in my wheelchair making right-hand and left-hand turns. Today I made it all the way around the facility twice without assistance. I was so excited. That was the highlight of my week! I never got stuck even once and no one had to help me.

Before lunch arrives to my room, Alexa turns on the television. I put my feet up, and I watch my favorite game show and the local news in my “Entertainment Area.” When lunch arrives, I am served in my “Dining Room.”

After lunch it is naptime in my “Napping Zone.”

On Thursday I go to my “Office” at 2 p.m. and write my column. After dinner, I entertain myself with music, TV and phone calls to friends or family. Then it is bedtime and my space becomes my “Bedroom.”

In the morning it all begins again. Staff and residents comment on how happy and content I am. I tell them it is because I keep my mind occupied, I have a great imagination and I rely on God to get me through each day.

When I look around my many “mini rooms” and look at all the pictures and cards and drawings and quotes on the walls, I feel blessed and cozy even in the middle of this chaos caused by the coronavirus.

I hope you will make your world a blessed and cozy place too.

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