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Hepburn: Good and kind people have blessed my life

Hepburn: Good and kind people have blessed my life

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In my opinion, the best people in the whole world are those that are good and kind. I have had many good and kind people in my life and they helped me become who I am. Starting with my mother and her sisters, who loved and nurtured me growing up, who taught me right from wrong and showed me, not told me, what kindness and goodness really is.

When I moved away from home in the 1970s and lived in Canada and then Washington, D.C., I was blessed to meet people who became my friends and continued to be that example and reinforce the right way to live and treat others. I am forever grateful I was touched by the goodness and kindness of others.

Just recently, I have been doing a lot of sorting and organizing in my room. I found an old paper someone once gave me. The title: “Goodness and Kindness.” I don’t know where it came from or who wrote it, or how long ago it was written, but it is the perfect description of good and kind people.

It is worth reading and learning from.

“Good and kind people demonstrate the utmost in character strengths and values and direct those values to everyone in their life.

In their daily life, good and kind people show these inner strengths and attitudes: sound judgment, know-how, mature responsibility, problem solving, perseverance and ingenuity, along with what people call ‘class.’ They show self-respect in everything they do. They are conscious that what they do reflects their inner character. Everything they do is, among other things, a statement of their personal commitment to kindness.

“Good and kind people don’t see their life as just to be lived; they see life as a chance to show kindness to others. They work toward the betterment of other people, whether directly or indirectly. They are both task-oriented and people-oriented. They see problems as challenges and opportunities, not burdensome hassles to be avoided. They have a long-term habit of approaching problems optimistically with confidence.

“They don’t let indecision or fear of failure keep them from doing what they need to do. Good and kind people do the best they can with what they have. They have a high level of personal responsibility and respect for others’ rights.

“Good and kind people demonstrate admirable character. Their personalities reflect tasteful self-restraint combined with concern for others and love of life. They have a genuine interest in serving the needs of others, as well as good team-worker abilities.

“Good and kind people demonstrate a positive attitude and retain control, honesty and productivity, even when under pressure from personal problems.

“Good and kind people have a strong sense of their limitations. They know they can’t solve every problem, yet they do the best with what they have. They empathize, not sympathize. They have great respect for themselves and others in their life.”

These are amazing words of wisdom that each of us can learn from and, if we choose, to live by. The world is indeed a better place because of good and kind people.

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