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Hepburn: Technology makes life more interesting

Hepburn: Technology makes life more interesting

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Technology is amazing but sometimes it is equally frustrating. Today my call light, which is my connection to all my helpers was on the fritz. It was almost time to connect with Jeanie to write the column, but my phone wasn’t listening to me and it was calling my friend in Walla Wala, Washington. I quickly hung up. I finally got through to Jeanie and she tells me her internet is down. Which means we cannot send the column through cyberspace to the Telegraph.

We decided the story was right there in front of us: The joys of technology.

Flash back to your growing up days: Remember taking a transistor radio out to your front yard, laying in the sunshine and listening to your favorite tunes? It was amazing that that you could listen, and the radio wasn’t connected to anything. It was like magic. I was dumbfounded. Where did the music come from? How did they do that?

Another phenomena was when instead of having to sit by the phone base to talk on the phone, someone can up with the grand idea of a long telephone cord. You could talk on the phone and move around the room. As a teenager, how many of you would stretch the cord as you maneuvered into the nearest closet and shut the door for privacy?

And you really knew what it was to be connected if you lived in the country and had a party line, If you heard that familiar little click, you knew it was time to hang up because someone else wanted to use the phone.

Compare all of these things to today. The real challenge is try and explain to your grandchildren, They would look at you and laugh. They can’t even imagine life without a cell phone. What is so special about a cell phone? The younger generation could tell you.

Being connected has changed. Every Tuesday morning, I talk with a former student in Canada and I don’t even do it on a phone. I have an iPad and we dial her number and there she is. I can see her as well as talk to her. I also talk with my friend in California. She is five minutes from the beach and as we talk, I can hear the waves on the shore and if she turns the iPad, I can watch the waves splashing against the sand.

In my wildest imagination, never did I think when I was a teenager that any of this would be possible. Back then, I couldn’t even call my boyfriend in Hershey because it was long distance. And if I did, I had to wait until 8:00 P.M. for a cheaper rate. Today there is no such thing as long distance. I can talk to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Not only have cell phones and iPads made it possible to see and hear from people, but they are also cameras. Instead of snapping a picture taking the film to the drugstore to have it developed and then mailing the print to me. A picture can be taken and almost instantly appear on my iPad.

Technology today has made a huge difference for me. I am more connected to friends and family. I use it to research and write my column. It has opened my world to more sights to see, more friends to visit and I even go to church via this cyber space connection. My world has grown thanks to technology.

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