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Letter to the editor: Airport solar power?

Letter to the editor: Airport solar power?

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Letter to the Editor

In response to Friday’s Telegraph article about the airport master plan: Whether or not the North Platte airport builds a new terminal building along with a pretty big makeover in other areas is a matter of opinion. Exercising my freedom of expression, which we still enjoy, here are my thoughts.

The first issue that got my attention was the cavalier attitude that this is all pretty much funded by the federal government. Folks, that money is money that they take from you and me. I’m not arguing against taxes covering this nor arguing against the project, but the casual attitude about who pays is alarming.

What caused me to be motivated in writing this letter is the proposed solar farm to power this project. Are our memories so short that we don’t remember what happens when our power supply is unreliable? At the moment your pilot, flying into North Platte, at night, in the fog, following a day of foggy, cloudy weather, the last thing they want to think about is: Are the landing system lights on? Are the ILS lights going to be working when I reach “minimum decision height” altitude? I have a hard time grasping onto this concept. Why not use reliable energy produced within 30 miles that is almost free in comparison? If a person is fond of solar power, fine, use it on your camper or in areas where no other power is available. But relying on it for essential services that demand reliable power is absurd. I’m not going to even get into the astronomical cost to build this solar farm nor the total lack of potential return on investment.

One more thing. Why even make these plans? I’m under the impression that with the “Green New Deal,” air travel will be no more in, what was that, 10 years?

Vern Friesen


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