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Letter to the editor: Biden shows compassion

Letter to the editor: Biden shows compassion

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Letter to the Editor

In response to Ruth Swoboda’s letter (June 4 Telegraph):

I am so relieved to have a gentle, caring and compassionate president. When a person goes through the pain and heartache that President Biden has, that person either becomes hard and noncaring ... or caring for all, especially giving special consideration for the poor and less fortunate. President Biden has had a mild stuttering diagnosis for many years, for which he has overcome most of it beautifully. Knowing of his difficulty, he encouraged a younger boy that if a man such as himself (Biden) can overcome enough to be president, the young boy can do the same.

This is close to my heart because I have a son who struggled with stuttering for years, and with treatment and much hard work, my son has overcome quite well. Stuttering is such a hard thing to live with, but in no way is connected to the level of one’s intelligence nor the ability to accomplish great things. I beg of everyone to please not comment in a negative way.

I am also thrilled to have a president who does not put anyone down ... being mean is just not in President Biden’s DNA. In addition, our current president is mostly right down the middle Democrat, and not socialist.

On Page C5 of the Sunday Telegraph is a great article called “Washington Saw Dangers of Partisanship.” Washington practiced what he preached and was not a member of any party. Americans should be on one team and work together for the greater good. I am independent for that reason, and when I vote, I vote for the best person regardless of party.

As far as Sen. Ben Sasse, thank you for having a mind of your own.

Barbara Huie McIntosh

North Platte

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