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Letter to the Editor: Character counts and Trump has none

Letter to the Editor: Character counts and Trump has none

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To Nancy Munson (letter to editor, Jan. 8):

Nancy, you ramble on about cheating to begin your letter. If four years of organizing and doing all the groundwork to ensure Donald Trump was not reelected is cheating, then you were cheated thoroughly. I’ve never written to opinion pages in my 68 years as a lifelong Nebraskan, but to see your letter the same day I felt compelled to add my name to the millions crying for D.T.’s ouster with only 12 days left in his term, I could not remain silent.

What you say is absurd. You should have prayed for 40 years for a good businessman. Character counts and he has none. In my 68 years I have never seen anyone in any profession so oversized by his job. I’m certain that if Donald Trump climbed for a week he may reach a rung 20 below where the prior worst president stands.

Do I think you are a deplorable? No, probably not, but borrowing from Jeff Foxworthy, here’s a little test.

Are you OK with our allies being alienated and our foes applauded? If so, that doesn’t make you deplorable. Are you OK with Donald Trump shaking down a foreign country for political gain? If you don’t believe it, ask Ben Sasse. If so, you’re still not there yet. Do you, as Donald Trump does, feel the word “Guatemalan” means “I am subhuman so take my children away”? You have arrived, and if you are OK with what transpired Wednesday in D.C. there is no question. I hope this helps you determine how deplorable you are.

Gary Waggoner

North Platte

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