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Letter to the editor: GOP efforts have only delayed election result

Letter to the editor: GOP efforts have only delayed election result

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Letter to the Editor

All the Republican attempted coup to hand the presidency to Donald Trump did was delay the result. There was no widespread election fraud except in the mind of Trump, who is such an insecure narcissist that he can’t bring himself to admit the truth that he lost.

The only reason the Russia investigation didn’t find Trump guilty was because Attorney General William Barr wouldn’t release the facts and gave a false summary of the Mueller report and the Justice Department’s policy that you cannot indict a sitting president.

What kind of impeachment trial is it when the Republican-led Senate refused to call any witnesses and had decided beforehand that Trump was innocent?

Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus has cost the lives of over 350,000 Americans. Because even though he had been told early in 2020 he did nothing until it was too late and then what he did was too little.

Compare where America was when Trump came into office and where we are now. It sure isn’t better.

Mitchel Rickett


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