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Letter to the editor: Keep politics out of outdoors column

Letter to the editor: Keep politics out of outdoors column

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For the most part, Sunday’s (Jan. 2) outdoor column by Rick Windham, “Basic Survival Gear — Don’t Leave Home Without It” was quite good. The information was interesting, informative and engaging and relevant — maybe even lifesaving in content, but far more than the usual “throw your sleeping bag in the back seat” you get from many sources.

But rather than ending with “I hope you never need to depend on any of these items, but if you have them with you, you will be able to handle the situation,” he chose to add another paragraph and bash President Biden’s administration for (allegedly) failing to address crime and especially gun related violence — a subject completely unrelated to survival in the outdoors. In other words, let’s slip in some information compiled by another special interest group that prides itself in its “Joe Biden is coming after your guns” scare tactics.

For my part, I read outdoor columns to escape the dirty reality of American politics. I want to know where the fish are being caught, how to call up that turkey, and where to take that next hike in the Pine Ridge area. I respectfully request that Mr. Windham not cross that line that divides the pristine outdoors from the smelly political world in future columns.

Ron Holscher



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