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Letter to the editor: People who cry ‘racist’

Letter to the editor: People who cry ‘racist’

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Letter to the Editor

Those who shout “Racist!” basically fall into two categories.

The very ignorant — there is only one race.

The human race.

Second is the very jealous. These are two-legged creatures who are, deep down inside, something other than human.

Now, what could they be? Some of the various character traits displayed are as follows: snake, skunk, hyena, coyote, parrot, jackal. Let us not forget the jackass — lots of jackasses. Actually it seems they all have some jackass in their character. Do a lot of braying on radio and TV. One even has a horse laugh. Wonder about that one. Lots of inner confusion.

All are devoid of moral integrity. The first due to ignorance. The second by choice. Products of government schools and universities. Coherent and independent thought are foreign to their nature. Besides that, it is dangerous. Might accidentally say something truthful about someone and wind up in a lawsuit. Can’t let that happen!

Next time — antiracist!

Remember: Know God and know life. No God and no life.

Michael E. Scott



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