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Letter to the Editor: Pro-choice isn’t anti-religion

Letter to the Editor: Pro-choice isn’t anti-religion

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A recent Telegraph political cartoon (Sept. 29) is appallingly offensive to the millions of Americans of faith who defend a woman’s right to choose.

The first frame — “Justice is Blind” — is a blindfolded justice. The next — “Bigotry Isn’t” — shows “the Left,” ugly faces screaming “Christian! Bible Thumper! Believer!” at a frightened “Judge Barrett.” The cartoon twists a difference of principle — and not just on “the left” — into a bias against religion.

A majority of Americans support Roe vs. Wade, the constitutional defense of a woman’s right to an abortion. Judge Amy Barrett’s Catholic faith and past statements indicate that, as a Supreme Court justice, she may not support that right. Disagreeing does not make one anti-Catholic, anti-Christian or anti-faith of any sort.

The separation of church and state as a legal principle is increasingly ignored in this administration. In 2019, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cut off U.S. global health funding to foreign groups that support organizations that provide or promote abortions. Worldwide, a child dies of starvation every 10 seconds. Pompeo, by not separating his beliefs from his office, has increased that cruel number — forcing women to bear children, knowing they will suffer and die in their arms. Is this what we want?

All women, everywhere, given the circumstances in their lives, should have the right to choose.

Linda Deeds

North Platte

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