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Letter to the Editor: The Ten Commandments, the Constitution and hypocrisy

Letter to the Editor: The Ten Commandments, the Constitution and hypocrisy

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To Michael E. Scott (letter to the editor, Sept. 5):

If Christianity, according to you, isn’t a religion, then it’s a cult; and if not a religion, then it should start paying taxes. I have no problem with your religious beliefs, but when you try to impose your beliefs on others, then there is a problem. Christians complain about Muslim Sharia law without seeing the hypocrisy in what you’re trying to do. Christ’s teachings were all about love, but it seems all you Christians want to do today is hate those that don’t believe the same way you do.

The First Amendment makes no reference to a divine being, Christian or otherwise. It meant that all people could worship however they wanted to, including non-Christian religions and atheism. If you’re so hung up on the Ten Commandments, they don’t say that marriage is a union of one man and one woman, and if they did, then why was polygamy so prevalent among the people of the Old Testament. Even the Bible says that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. As far as not committing adultery, what hypocrites you Christian supporters of Donald Trump are. He’s committed adultery against all three of his wives, but you won’t condemn him.

When the Constitution was written, all the firearms were muzzle-loading, mostly single-shot weapons. If the founding fathers could have foreseen the destruction and death caused by modern weapons, I think they may have had a different opinion on what the people could possess. Also, the Second Amendment was written to keep the federal government from regulating guns while states were left to regulate firearms as they saw fit, according to the National Constitution Center, so that the states could use armed force to put down slave rebellions. Many states blocked black men from owning weapons, and guns used for militias were kept on a government roll. What’s happening now is vigilantes taking the law into their own hands.

As far as you finding my presence in America offensive, what I find offensive is your intolerant opinion toward people who don’t think like you.

Mitchel Rickett


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