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Letter to the Editor: This is most important election in U.S. history

Letter to the Editor: This is most important election in U.S. history

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If Joe Biden wins (or steals) the election, we could see the largest mass exit of people moving to safer red states. They will move and join others there to protect their property and constitutional rights as long as they can.

People will get heavily armed to protect themselves and stock up on survival supplies. In the Democrat-controlled urban areas and cities we could and will see total anarchy and violence (it is happening already) because the police will be (or already have been) downsized and become overwhelmed.

A Biden administration will allow China to resume its unfair illegal trade practices and become the No. 1 superpower in the world. This will be done while our crooked career politicians continue to sell American manufacturing overseas again. All this while opening the borders to bring in cheap illegal labor and unvetted terrorists. Americans will lose their jobs and more and more people will be heading to the bread lines.

Our economy will become anemic and finally be destroyed because Democrat socialism and big government control with its restrictive regulation can’t survive at the same time people have good-paying jobs and individual freedom and liberty.

This presidential election on Nov. 3 is the most important election in our American history. We either go forward to regain America’s No. 1 standing in the world or go backward to socialist democrat and RINO entrenched socialism. This is not fear talk. This is exactly what you can expect under a democrat socialist regime. Talk to everybody you know and let’s storm the polls in record numbers to re-elect President Trump and save America!

Fred Perlinger


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