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Letter to the editor: To conquer from within

Letter to the editor: To conquer from within

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Destroy the moral fiber. Promote all manner of sexual perversion under the guise of “tolerance.” This from the NEA and various state education associations. On the radio!

No Bible, no prayer, no consequences for actions.

Destroy the educational system. Lower standards. Revised history — Project 1619. A lie. This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

Promote hatred. Critical race theory. There is only one race — the human race. Social justice? The 11th Commandment — love they neighbor as thyself. Oh my! The Bible!

Disarm the populace. The Second Amendment acknowledges the right to protect self, family, home, country by whatever means deemed necessary. When written it depended on the technology, availability, and affordability.

No change. Rights come from God. Not “government.”

We are in need of a great spiritual awakening. Won’t happen without a rude awakening.

We are in a real rude awakening. We need to turn to God and not away. As individuals and as a nation.

Michael E. Scott


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