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Letter to the editor: Traditional protesters don’t wear flak jackets

Letter to the editor: Traditional protesters don’t wear flak jackets

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Recently, state Sen. Mike Groene brushed off the attack on our Capitol, just as he brushed off wearing a mask (“it infringes on our liberty”) to prevent spreading the virus that’s killed half a million Americans.

Groene accused the “enemies of liberty” of turning a “traditional American protest” and “over-passionate mob” into a conspiracy to overthrow the government. Really, Senator?

Most “traditional American protests” aren’t spurred on by a former president to overturn a democratic election that he lost. They don’t come geared up for violence in flak jackets, Kevlar vests and helmets. They don’t carry walkie-talkies, clubs, bear spray, handcuffs and Tasers; put up gallows; and storm the United States Capitol.

This “over-passionate mob” — let’s call them “Trump’s Troops” — attacked the Capitol police, killing one. They shattered glass windows hundreds of years old, with no respect for history. They defiled our 200-year-old heritage of statues and paintings, ransacking without any sense of decency or wrong.

They roamed our hallowed halls, searching for our elected leaders, including Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, threatening to kill them.

This “over-passionate mob” was an affront to every American, and shamed us before the world. Why? Because Trump lied to them.

His recent speech at CPAC not only continued the lie that he won the election, but included a revengeful hit list of everyone who voted against him, even, unbelievably, the United States Supreme Court. His followers applauded every word.

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger —included in the hit list — explained that he didn’t vote for impeachment the first time, because he didn’t “have a constitutional duty to defend against a guy that is a jerk.” But, Kinzinger said, “I do when he’s getting ready to destroy democracy — and we saw that culminate on Jan. 6.”

Linda Deeds

North Platte

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