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Letter to the editor: Vaccine mandates violate rights

Letter to the editor: Vaccine mandates violate rights

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Letter to the Editor

So Ron Holscher (letter to the editor Sept. 30) wants to lecture us on kindness, greed and selfishness and how we should give up our rights and freedoms for the good of the country and common decency. Hold on just a minute here, where is the common decency to not issue mandates for vaccines for people for whatever their reason not to get one.

Right now many health care workers are losing their jobs and the right to draw unemployment. All this to force them into taking a shot they do not want. The same with teachers, any business that employs at least 100 people and the military, which is already being destroyed by the incompetent liar-in-chief and his band of clueless so-called military leaders.

We’re not supposed to question the wisdom of medical experts and science — what a joke. They haven’t told the truth from day one, and by the way, who is their top expert — Lord Fauci, who is as corrupt as Biden.

And don’t you dare tell us we are killing people because we won’t take the jab when the border is wide open where a million and a half (and counting) illegals have come into our country bringing not only COVID but malaria, tuberculosis, measles and God knows what else.

For those who want the shot, want to wear a mask or six masks, face shields or a full hazmat suit, that is your right, just as not doing all those things is my right.

Ruth Swoboda


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