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Letter to the Editor: Why this is the most important U.S. election

Letter to the Editor: Why this is the most important U.S. election

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Yes, Fred Perlinger (letter to the editor, Oct. 14), this is the most important election in U.S. history, but you couldn’t be more wrong on the outcome.

A Trump re-election would be chapter 2 in the slide from democracy to dictatorship.

Trump doesn’t care about Americans, only about himself. What did he promise the American people in 2016: Repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better and cheaper. Build a wall with Mexico and have them pay for it. Only choose the best people to work for him. Well, how has that worked out?

And you can’t blame the Democrats; the Republicans controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress, and all they accomplished was to give the richest Americans a tax cut. It wasn’t the politicians who sent American manufacturing to China, but the greed of the owners. You could have stopped illegal immigrants from coming to America if the wealthy would have let the government enforce the laws that would have fined and/or jailed the people who employed those illegals. But the wealthy wanted cheap labor, including Donald Trump, who hired illegals to work at his golf courses and in his building, which he built with Chinese steel.

Trump treats the Justice Department as his own private law firm. He’s threatened to arrest his political enemies and has the department sue people who write anything bad about him. He won’t denounce racism or xenophobia, because he wants the right-wing so-called militia groups to act like his personal army. He openly says he wants a third term as president even though it’s against the 22nd Amendment. He won’t obey the emoluments clause and continues to line his pockets with both foreign and American taxpayers’ money. He fires anyone who won’t do his bidding, which means lying to support the president’s position. He already acts like a tinhorn dictator.

You complain about socialism, but if you’re on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, you’re already experiencing it.

The Republicans are doing all they can to suppress the vote, because they know if it was a fair and free election where everyone has the same opportunity to vote, they would never win the presidency again.

Mitchel Rickett


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