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Letters to the editor: Upside-down flag raises alarm

Letters to the editor: Upside-down flag raises alarm

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Letter to the Editor

A few days ago in North Platte, I noticed a pole with our national flag flying at the peak.

Alas! The flag was flying upside down, indicating a state of distress. I stopped my car in front of the house and I honked the horn. A gentleman came to the door and I asked if he was in distress. He replied, “Move along, move along!” I called to him, saying, “That requires a call to 911, so officers can investigate.” I drove away from the scene.

Later, a police officer approached me at my home. Sure enough, a call was made to 911. The officer politely told me, “I’d hate to arrest a veteran” and said no more honking. The gentleman had told the officer the reason the flag was flying upside down was because the country was broke. I was not arrested.

A nursery story I remember from years ago goes something like this. A nut fell from a tree and hit Chicken Little on the head. Thinking the sky was falling, Chicken Little ran through the town saying, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” History proved Chicken Little wrong.

So folks, fly your flag at your homes and businesses proudly. Be part of the solution instead of the problem.

David Olson

North Platte

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