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    I am responding to a letter in Thursday’s paper blaming President Trump for COVID-19 and a slow response by his administration. I know the author of the letter and I believe his bullet points came from CNN, MSDNC and the World Wide Socialist Website. His facts are misleading and wrong.

      I wrote this letter to the editor last month, but I was advised by the editor that since I had written another letter published in April, I was not able to address Sandy Erickson’s comments (letter, April 15) until May. While it is too late to address her comments about absentee voting for t…

        Sen. Ben Sasse is the right guy for Nebraska’s U.S. Senate seat. Unfortunately, so much of politics right now is ugly — but Sen. Sasse remains a thoughtful and respectful leader. He’s a man who stands by his principles, and those principles represent the values of the majority of Nebraskans.

          I came to North Platte 25 years ago. It was a nice town. I thought gambling was illegal here, but several gambling places have opened. I was told once poker is a “skill game,” blackjack is a “skill game.” What next — brothels?

          Many, many years ago a dear friend gave me this beautiful tile with a gorgeous flower picture on it and the saying: “Let Us Go Out To The Gardens” and I have read this saying or said it almost every single day after she gave it to me.


          Content by Gothenburg Health. Dry needling can be used to treat multiple diagnoses including low back pain, iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis and many others.

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