State Sen. Adam Morfeld, as quoted by Ron Holscher in his letter July 24, is employing a commonly used political practice of making a bold, oversimplified statement (you cannot mention sanctity of life unless you support all government programs of social spending) with hopes that no one will hold him to task.

Morfeld, Sen. Mike Groene and Holscher all know that sanctity of life is a basic, personal, holy right of existence and that politicians’ words and government programs have little to do with defining or supporting sanctity of life. So rather than attempting to politicize existence, they might humbly state the fact that all government can do is feebly support, through endless debate and compromise, our basic existence and rights.

Groene is ethically responsible to do what it takes to right his meltdown, as are all politicians to not employ cheap statements in an attempt to gain shallow emotional support.

All politicians must be held to an ethical standard for words and deeds by those who live within their representation.

Paul Patton

North Platte

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