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Dave Grohl had 'challenge' to keep memoir short

Dave Grohl had 'challenge' to keep memoir short

Dave Grohl had 'challenge' to keep memoir short

Dave Grohl's "biggest challenge" in writing his memoir was keeping it short.

The Foo Fighters frontman - who will release 'The Storyteller' next month - was keen to show fans what his life is like as a high-profile musician but admitted he's done so much in his life, it would have been easy for him to spread his tales across a number of books, each covering different parts of his career.

Discussing his "biggest challenge" in a new trailer for the book, Dave said: “I could write an entire book about the band Scream. I could write an entire book about my time in Nirvana.

“The idea was to choose the stories that best described what it’s like to be behind the curtain and on the inside of the music, from the drum stool looking out. To play music, have this beautiful family, travel the world, meet people from all walks of life, I never take any of this for granted, believe me.”

The 52-year-old rocker didn't originally plan to write a book but was "creatively restless" during the coronavirus lockdown and what began as an Instagram page quickly spiralled.

Speaking in the trailer, which featured video and photos of him from childhood to now, he explained: “When the lockdown happened, I suddenly had nothing to do. I never have nothing to do.

"I’ve always been creatively restless, so I thought I would spend my time writing these short stories for an Instagram page [called] ‘davestruestories.’ And in doing that I fell in love with writing. I thought, ‘Oh you know what? Maybe I’ll write a book,’ without realising how gargantuan of a project it would be.”

The 'Walk' hitmaker looks back on his life "every single day".

He admitted: “My life flashes before my eyes every single day, and in writing this book I tried to capture those moments as best I can."

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