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McNair sets 400-meter record at Mike Troxel Invitational
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McNair sets 400-meter record at Mike Troxel Invitational

McNair sets record at Mike Troxel Invitational

Chase County’s Bryn McNair crosses the finish line at the end of the 400-meter dash on Saturday at the Mike Troxel Invitational at Hershey High School.

Chase County’s Bryn McNair had one goal for the 400-meter dash on Saturday: break 58 seconds. She came close to doing so.

The initial time had her clocked in at a 57.4, which would have been enough to not only achieve that goal, but also smash her previous personal best of 58.4.

The official time had her at 58.88 seconds. While she didn’t get her goal, she still left with a new invitational record, beating out the previous time of 58.90 that was set by Perkins County’s Jenni Sis in 2008.

She won by a lot, too. When she crossed the finish line, the other racers were almost 10 seconds behind.

“Last year without a track season, it kind of made me realize I like to get out and compete,” McNair said. “And so (I’m not) taking that for granted and just give it (my) all.”

McNair’s performance helped the Chase County girls track and field team pull out a win at the Mike Troxel Invitational on Saturday in Hershey. The Longhorns collected 183 points, while St. Pat’s came in second with 112.5, and South Loup finished third with 109.5.

Chase County also won the boys side with 149. St. Pat’s was right behind with 138, and Perkins County came in third with 88.

McNair didn’t just dominate in the 400, she also won the 800-meter run by over 25 seconds, won the high jump with a jump of 5 feet, 4 inches, and anchored the winning 4x400 meter relay team.

As for the 400-meter run, McNair is still looking to break 58 seconds and earn all-state honors.

“The only thing that I knew was to come out strong,” she said. “We worked on box yesterday and got that down. Just use your arms on the last 100 and just finish it.”

St. Pat’s Caleb Munson attempted a personal-best 6-foot jump in the high jump, but narrowly missed out on his third attempt.

His final score of 5-10 was enough to earn the win over Hershey’s Samuel Frame, who jumped a personal-best 5-8. Munson said he reached that score two times already this year, and Saturday’s jump was the closest he has come to reaching 6 feet.

With a few more meets left in the season before district, Munson is confident he will reach that next milestone.

“For sure I will be able to make it,” Munson said. “I’ll probably just continue to come to the track every other day just to jump and keep getting that experience at those higher heights.”

Munson also competes in the 110-meter hurdles and the long jump, and while he said he didn’t have his best day at the long jump, he still placed third in the hurdles by .06 seconds.

South Loup’s Drew Vickers, another competitor in the hurdles, recorded the fastest time in the 110-meter hurdles prelims at 16.74, but he also made note that he tweaked his Achilles earlier in the week. He didn’t do as well in the finals, falling out of the Top 6, but his time in the prelims still ranked as the quickest of the day.

“It’s still a little sore and hurts, so I know I didn’t run as good as I could’ve,” Vickers said after the prelims.

Boys team results

1, Chase County, 149. 2, St. Pat’s, 138. 3, Perkins County, 88. 4, Sutherland, 66.5. 5, Hershey, 51.5. 6, South Loup, 34.

Boys individual results

(Top 3)

100 meter dash — 1, Dawson Mollendor, Chase County, 11.84. 2, Josh Davies, St. Pat’s, 11.95. 3, Chase Rowley, Chase County, 11.99.

200 meter dash — 1, Josh Davies, St. Pat’s, 23.65. 2, Dalton Clark, Hershey, 23.96. 3, Alexander Davies, St. Pat’s 24.39.

400 meter dash — 1, Cedric Maxwell, Chase County, 53.57. 2, Colton Pouk, Perkins County, 54.39. 3, Ryan Bernhardt, Chase County, 54.53.

800 meter run — 1, Clay Meeske, Chase County, 2:05.97. 2, Colton Pouk, Perkins County, 2:06.07. 3, Dax Connick, St. Pat’s, 2:14.84.

1600 meter run — 1, Jarrett Miles, St. Pat’s, 5:05.82. 2, Logan Recoy, South Loup, 5:06.57. 3, Matthew Bruns, Hershey, 5:10.99.

3200 meter run — 1, Jarrett Miles, St. Pat’s, 11:01.35. 2, Jackson Sinsel, Sutherland, 11:24.65. 3, William Toldstedt, St. Pat’s, 12:19.76.

110 meter hurdles — 1, Will Moats, St. Pat’s, 16.75. 2, Kade Anderson, Chase County, 17.32. 3, Caleb Munson, St. Pat’s, 17.38.

300 meter hurdles — 1, Will Moats, St. Pat’s, 42.52. 2, Easton Fries, Chase County, 45.35. 3, Blake Garner, Perkins County, 46.04.

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4x100 meter relay — 1, Chase County, 45.35, Brandon Mintling, Ryan Bernhardt, Chase Rowley, Dawson Mollender. 2, Perkins County, 45.97, Triston Hite, Casey Hanson, Irvin Reyes, Hunter Garner. 3, St. Pat’s, 46.01, Alexander Davies, Josh Davies, Logan O’Malley, Will Moats.

4x400 meter relay — 1, Chase County, 3:40.92, Clay Meeske, Chase Rowley, Cedric Maxwell, Ryan Bernhardt. 2, Perkins County, 3:45.53, Colton Pouk, Erik Snyder, Triston Hite, Casey Hanson. 3, Sutherland, 3:50.11, Brodey Frederick, Chance Elwood, Jon Peterka, Jacob Cox.

4x800 meter relay — 1, South Loup, 9:00.36, Cache Gracey, Logan Recoy, Jones Lance, Rio Remund. 2, St. Pat’s, 9:11.06, Jarrett Miles, Dax Connick, Sam Troshynski, James Heirigs. 3, Hershey, 9:14.93, Chase Moorhead, Aiden George, Reace Anderson, Matthew Bruns.

Shot Put — 1, Chase Johnson, Perkins County, 42-2.5. 2, Jaret Peterson, Chase County, 41-8. 3, Jake Halstead, South Loup, 40-0.

Discus — 1, Carter Snyder, Sutherland, 137-10,75. 2, Cruz Brooks, Hershey, 133-2.75. 3, Conner Hogan, Sutherland, 130-5.75.

High Jump — 1, Caleb Munson, St. Pat’s, 5-10. 2, Samuel Frame, Hershey, 5-8. 3, Hunter Garner, Perkins County, 5-4.

Pole Vault — 1, Brit Gockley, Chase County, 12-0. 2, Carter Leibbrandt, Chase County, 11-6. 3, Jon Peterka, Sutherland, 11-6.

Long Jump — 1, Chance Elwood, Sutherland, 28-3.5. 2, Casey Hanson, Perkins County, 20-1.5. 3, Will Moats, St. Pat’s, 19.8.

Triple Jump — 1, Triston Hite, Perkins County, 37-1.5. 2, Emmitt Zuege, Chase County, 36.5. 3, Jarrett Miles, St. Pat’s, 36-3.75.

Girls team results

1, Chase County, 183. 2, St. Pat’s, 112.5. 3, South Loup, 109.5. 4, Hershey, 52. 5, Sutherland, 41. 6, Perkins County, 28.

Girls individual results

(Top 3)

100 meter dash — 1, Kamrie Dillan, Chase County, 13.25. 2, Halie Recoy, South Loup, 13.53. 3, Hayley Miles, St. Pat’s, 13.61.

200 meter dash — 1, Kamrie Dillan, Chase County, 27.33. 2, Halie Recoy, South Loup, 27.86. 3, Chloe Dillan, Chase County, 28.50.

400 meter dash — 1, Bryn McNair, Chase County, 58.88. 2, Bryn Schwarz, South Loup, 1:06.31. 3, Genna Blakely, St. Pat’s, 1:06.59.

800 meter run — 1, Bryn McNair, Chase County, 2:21.92. 2, Kinley Folchert, Hershey, 2:47.44. 3, Emma Hall, Hershey, 2:48.18.

1600 meter run — 1, Kate Stienike, St. Pat’s, 5:51.03. 2, Landyn Cole, South Loup, 5:58.72. 3, Talli Martin, South Loup, 6:07.15.

3200 meter run — 1, Kate Stienike, St. Pat’s, 12:46.33. 2, Landyn Cole, South Loup, 13:00.69. 3, McKenna Bliss, Sutherland, 13:45.98.

100 meter hurdles — 1, Jerzee Milner, Chase County, 15:87. 2, Joee Clevenger, Chase County, 17.30. 3, Charlie Vickers, South Loup, 18.11.

300 meter hurdles — 1, Jerzee Milner, Chase County, 49.49. 2, Kailee Potts, Perkins County, 51.20. 3, Joee Clevenger, Chase County, 51.92.

4x100 meter relay — 1, Chase County, 51.43, Jerzee Milner, Kamrie Dillan, Chloe Dillan, Jordan Jablonski. 2, South Loup, 52.87, Bryn Schwarz, Halie Recoy, Taylor Ross, Mya Weverka. 3, St. Pat’s, Elise O’Neill, Bella Arensdorf, Mae Siegel, Hayley Miles.

4x400 meter relay — 1, Chase County, 4:15.14, Kamrie Dillan, Jordan Jablonski, Ali McNair, Bryn McNair. 2, South Loup, 4:33.19, Haile Recoy, Abby Stallbaumer, Taylor Ross, Bryn Schwarz. 3, St. Pat’s, 4:34.81, Alayna Niesen, Mae Siegel, Tonja Heirigs, Kate Stienike.

4x800 meter relay — 1, Chase County, 10:25.66, Lucy Spady, Kora Weiss, Ali McNair, Jordan Jablonski. 2, Sutherland, 11:10.54, McKenna Bliss, Ashtyn Gunderson, Anna Peterka, Cydnie Wilson. 3, South Loup, 11:16.76, Ava Pandorf, Heidi Donegan, Faith Bierman, Talli Martin.

Shot Put — 1, Kaylie Lotspeich, Chase County, 34-3. 2, Averie Harold, Sutherland, 33-6.5. 3, Mercedes Peterson, Chase County, 31-11.5.

Discus — 1, Abby Stallbaumer, South Loup, 109-7.5. 2, Kaylie Lotspeich, Chase County, 104-4.75. 3, Kate Roberg, St. Pat’s, 101-2.

High Jump — 1, Bryn McNair, Chase County, 5-4. 2, Elie Schmitt, Hershey, 4-8. 3, Kristin Brandt, St. Pat’s, 4-8.

Pole Vault — 1, Jordan Jablonski, Chase County, 9-0. 2, Ali McNair, Chase County, 8-6. 3, Reagan Cool, South Loup, 8-6.

Long Jump — 1, Mae Siegel, St. Pat’s, 16-2.5. 2, Hayley Miles, St. Pat’s, 15-7. 3, Bella Arensdorf, St. Pat’s, 14-6.25.

Triple Jump — 1, Hayley Miles, St. Pat’s, 33-10. 2, Autumn Anderson, Perkins County, 31-3. 3, Liz Reeves, Chase County, 30-11.5.

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